T,台湾語 序章


Taiwanese language

 [1]   台湾語とは
上位方言としてびん音系がある。 下位方言として厦門(E7-mng5)・泉州(Choan5-chiu)・[シ章]州(Chiang-chiu)・開口方言などがあり、台湾方言もそのひとつである。
What is a Taiwanese language?
A Taiwanese language is a Chinese jar south remark.
However, the Beijing language (Taiwan Cacata) is provided in the national language in Taiwan now, and it is widely widespread as the common language.
Taiwan is very few countries where Japanese passes by relate from be given Japanese-language education because there was an age that Japan ruled before the war.
It is said that it ..word.. will touch about the name "Taiwanese language" in [Tai5-oan5-oe7] and local.
Use was limited in the rule age of one national party party though a Taiwanese language was a language from generation to generation to the resident.
It took the place of it, and the name of jar south word was used.
The jar south word is a generic name of various dialects used in jar (Fujian) local southern part.
There is a jar sound system as a high-ranking dialect. The subordinate position dialect includes Amoy (E7-mng5), fountain state (Choan5-chiu), (Chiang-chiu), and the open mouth dialect, etc. , and a Taiwanese dialect is the one.
These dialects are classified by each difference.
If accuracy is expected, it should be said the Taiwanese jar south remark (jar south remark done in Taiwan).
The Japan rule age used a Taiwanese language as Taiwanese residents' languages though said not the jar south word but Hokkien or the southern part Hokkien.
The wide sense, a guest home word and the aborigine word are included in a Taiwanese language.
However, the jar south remark has been called a Taiwanese language because of the use of a lot of residents, and use as the common language.
The democratization of Taiwan advances, it divides into the jar south word now, and the name of Taiwanese language is used again now.